Cyprus Proposes Humanitarian Aid Corridor to Gaza, Awaits Green Light Amidst Ongoing Challenges

Cyprus Flag backdrop

Cyprus is prepared to promptly initiate the transportation of significant humanitarian aid to Gaza using vessels capable of navigating shallow waters, as soon as conditions on the ground permit, stated the President of the East Mediterranean island nation on Monday.

President Nikos Christodoulides affirmed that Cyprus's proposal for a maritime corridor, stretching from the port of Larnaca to Gaza, is currently the only one under international discussion as a viable means to substantially augment the limited aid reaching the enclave through Egypt's Rafah border checkpoint.

The planning for this approximately 230-mile (370-kilometer) corridor is essentially complete, and the delivery of aid can commence once a ceasefire is declared, according to Christodoulides.

The Cypriot leader, in regular communication with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu regarding the proposal, acknowledged that obtaining approval to start the shipments is a complex process requiring intricate negotiations, especially given the ongoing Israeli military operations in Gaza.

Christodoulides emphasized broad support for the initiative, stating, "Everyone supports this initiative, the European Union, the United States. When we say that we're a bridge to the region, we're showing this in practice. It's very important for our country."

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