Prices of Christmas items in Greece 20-30% lower on average

Athens Christmas 2022

Development Minister Kostas Skrekas noted price reductions of roughly 20%-30%, on average, for hundreds of Christmas products, compared to the previous year, during his visit on Wednesday to a large chain selling toys and seasonal goods (Jumbo) ahead of the festive season.

In particular, according to a ministry announcement, reductions in the price of Christmas trees and ornaments reached as high as 25% in some cases, while Christmas lights were up to 30% cheaper, demonstrating the downward trend in prices of these products.

Skrekas spoke with the company's executives, employees and consumers about sales traffic during the holidays, saw the prices of Christmas decoration and stated: "The prices are reduced by an average of 20%. We will consider with the companies the possibility of creating a "Christmas Basket".

Of course, the prices are already significantly reduced. But we will certainly have a "Basket" for the Christmas table within the next two weeks so that consumers can purchase the necessary products ahead of the holidays. We plan to start on the same date as last year. What we are asking of companies, supermarkets and electronic goods and toy chains, is that they reduce prices. To be aware of the needs of households during the holidays."

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