DIGITAL NOMADS: "Work From Greece" visits Greek destinations

Santorini tourist digital nomads

To attract the interest of digital nomads and remote workers to Greek destinations, as well as holding a discussion with local tourism communities about the phenomenon of digital nomads,, an initiative of Marketing Greece, carried out a series of actions over the past period in Athens, Paros, Evia, Chania, Kalamata and Syros.

More specifically, in the context of Digital Nomad Stays, Nomads Two Go was introduced to the everyday life of Athens, Evia, and Paros, Julia's Days Off experienced the autumnal side of Chania, Red White Adventures discovered the experience of living and working in Messinia and especially in Kalamata and the Our Travelness family enjoyed the daily life of Syros.

A series of workshops were held in Chania, Kalamata and Syros, with invitations extended to digital nomads from Digital Nomad Stays and members of the local tourist community, where the opportunities and challenges that arise, as well as the potential of this group, were analysed.

"The phenomenon of digital nomads still maintains its attractiveness as well as its potential, offering destinations the opportunity to create a tourism model that reinforces the direction of sustainable development," said Nikos Diamantopoulos, general manager of Marketing Greece.

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