Rebrain Greece: How the app works for talent repatriation

Rebrain Greece

To attract talent from abroad, both Greeks and workers from other countries, the pilot operation of the platform of the Ministry of Labor, "Rebrain Greece", has begun, in which companies already declare their presence, describing the jobs they want to fill.

Speaking at a related conference organised at the Concert Hall, Labor Minister Adonis Georgiadis pointed out that "Today we have on the platform 110 highly skilled jobs from large companies that are looking for staff for these positions, and already 200 applications to fill these 110 positions, and the process of interviews and the process of signing contracts and hiring people for these positions has begun."

"And, of course, we are also going to do a significant upgrade now to the platform with many new features that will allow many more of our fellow citizens to be informed centrally by the Ministry of Labor about which talents are needed today by which companies, with what wages, with what working conditions so that some make a decision either to return from abroad to Greece, the so-called 'brain gain'," he added.

"The European Commission", continued the minister, "has proposed the creation at a pan-European level of a platform that will bring together the talents but at the level of the European Union. Because the deficit in the labour market at the level of the European Union is expanding by 1,000,000 jobs a year".

In fact, Mr Georgiadis mentioned that roadshows could be planned to attract talent. At the same time, he expressed his optimism that with the contribution of European resources in the next 15 years, Greece will have created a strong workforce.

Interesting was the position of Mr Antonios Tsiboukis, Managing Director of Cisco in Greece, the Balkans, Cyprus and Malta, who said that 70 Greeks abroad already work in the company's office in Rhodes, while dozens more work remotely from Ioannina, Thessaloniki and Crete.

In their statements, the Greek workers abroad, in Sweden and Britain, pointed out that the tax and insurance system and the lower wages are obstacles to return. At the same time, they asked for a simplification of the procedures and international schools for their children.

Mrs Frangiski Melissa, General Manager - Chief Human Resources Officer of Alpha Bank, emphasised that with the change in taxation, the net earnings are not far from those abroad, while Mr Vassilis Kafatos - Partner, Growth Leader, Competence Center President, Deloitte reported that motivation to convince Greeks to return is meritocracy, job scope, excellent work environment, lifelong learning and corporate responsibility.

Mr Christos Schizas, Head of Retail Banking at Alpha Bank, stated that he returned to Greece in 2020 after ten years in Luxembourg, considering it was the right time to return as Greece was changing. He was in a phase of development while upgrading rapidly rhythms and technology.

The pilot platform operates as a quadruple helix involving the public and private sectors, institutes and universities. Companies describe the positions they seek, divided into categories and skills. At the moment, 268 professions appear on the Greek platform.

On the other hand, candidates upload their resumes as well as records of professional publications.

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