BREAKING: Italy reports first cases of contagious Chinese ‘white lung’ disease

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Following an outbreak in China, cases have been spotted in the U.S, France, Netherlands and Denmark. Other countries like India, Hong Kong and Indonesia have set precautions to avoid a spread.

Italy has now reported two cases of mycoplasma pneumonia in children.

This comes as hospitals in China are are overwhelmed under the onslaught of cases, prompting heightened vigilance from the CDC and WHO, and calls in the U.S for a travel ban with China.

The WHO, after asking Beijing for explanations:

“We are monitoring the situation in China and, once again, we have seen an overall increase in acute respiratory infections due to a number of different pathogens, including influenza, which is on the rise. Mycoplasma pneumonia has increased in the last two months and now appears to be declining slightly.”

Maria Van Kerkhove, technical manager for the Covid pandemic at the WHO:

“We are working with our clinical networks and doctors working in China to better understand antibiotic resistance, which is a problem around the world.”

Comparisons are being made between this outbreak and the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Source: italy24

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