27-year-old commando lieutenant: "The role of women is becoming more important in the Greek army"


A 27-year-old lieutenant paratrooper spoke to Stavros Theodorakis about her decision to become a soldier and serve in the army, her goals and the reactions she has encountered in her career in the Armed Forces. She even said, "Theoretically, I can become a general; practically, history will show it, why not?". Explaining her choice to serve in this body of the Armed Forces, she emphasises, "I said that I cannot be satisfied with what is given to me".

The 27-year-old lieutenant finished school with a score of 19.5, having decided to go to the Evelpidon School "without anyone from my family being in the military" while when asked if she will be able to combine motherhood with it, she answers "I think so. Women's role is becoming increasingly important in the Greek army. Since other women have succeeded, I will succeed too."

Regarding her goals as a commando, the 27-year-old says that "the goal is to complete as many schools as I can, e.g. I have finished Commando school, there is Rapid Reaction Fire school because first of all, we are fighters. My goal is to become a junior commando instructor the day after tomorrow. That's my real goal."

In total, so far, she has made 30 jumps: "The first time definitely yes, I felt fear, but the training is so complete that they minimise any case of fear, danger, cowardice".

She is clear about whether being among so many men is an advantage or a disadvantage.

"It is a disadvantage because you stand out and are constantly in the spotlight, and you have to be the example to follow. It's an advantage because when they see a woman going for a run every morning, then they want to surpass her," she said.

She adds that she has not encountered negative looks from her male colleagues "because I treat myself as a man among men, and if that happens, I don't allow others to treat it that way."

On the occasion of the interview of the 27-year-old lieutenant, the head of the greek military, Konstantinos Floros, notes that "the army has ceased to be a man's affair. The productive schools - Euelpidon, Ikaron - have many women who staff the army equally, deservedly and sometimes better than men. And to the Special Forces, who, in many cases, surprise us. There is no distinction between men and women; there is no question of who does the job better."

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