Anastasia, an 1800s Greek Gem, Projected as the Top Pick for UK Baby Girls in 2024

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As the realm of baby names evolves, 2024 is poised to usher in a resurgence of timeless choices, with a Greek name from the 1800s poised to reclaim the spotlight. Expert predictions, including insights from Steph Coffield, suggest several trends that will shape baby-naming preferences in the UK.

In the upcoming year, the popularity of 'surnames as first names,' the embrace of gender-neutral titles, and a penchant for 'adventurous' names like Huxley and Ridley are expected to dominate. Steph Coffield notes the growing trend of parents seeking classic names that are distinct and sit outside the top 100, fostering a sense of uniqueness for their children.

"We're seeing girls' names adopting more masculine qualities, and boys' names embracing softer tones. Parents are increasingly seeking names that work seamlessly for both genders, providing flexibility irrespective of the child's gender," she remarked.

Topping the list of anticipated favourites for baby girls in 2024 is the enchanting name, Anastasia. Rooted in Greek and Russian origins, pronounced an-nu-stay-zhuh, the name holds profound significance as it means 'resurrection' and traces its roots back to the masculine Greek name Anastasius.

Anastasia, with its faith-adjacent meaning, proves particularly fitting for babies born around religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter. The name boasts a rich history, with Anastasia being the most popular girl's name in Russia until 2008, eventually surpassed by Sophia.

Notably, the name Anastasia carries historical weight, exemplified by Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, the youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, the last sovereign of Imperial Russia. The legacy extends to popular culture, inspiring the Disney film of the same name, and the music world with pop icon Anastacia, known for her hit "I'm Outta Love."

The top 10 predictions for baby girls in 2024 also include names such as Delilah, Margot, Maeve, Nellie, Indie, Ophelia, Nora, Cleo, and Harlow. On the boys' side, anticipated favourites include Otto, Kit, Enzo, Beau, Reuben, Rupert, Otis, Ronnie, Jude, and Lucas.

As parents seek names that seamlessly blend tradition with individuality, Anastasia stands out as a timeless choice, bridging the historical and modern with grace and elegance.


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