Erdogan's Greece Visit: Drones, Snipers, and 3,500 Officers Deployed for High-Security Event

Turkish president recep tayyip erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Athens on Thursday is being met with a high-security blanket, with approximately 3,500 police officers expected to be on guard.

The visit, to the Greece-Turkey Supreme Cooperation Council, is a significant one, and authorities are leaving nothing to chance.

Drone Activity:

  • Special drones will be deployed to monitor the skies above Athens, providing real-time surveillance and intelligence gathering.

Sniper Teams:

  • Elite snipers from the Special Suppressive Antiterrorist Unit (EKAM) will be positioned at strategic locations throughout the city, keeping a watchful eye on potential threats.

Motorcade Security:

  • Heavily armed police units will form a protective ring around Erdogan's motorcade as it travels through the city, ensuring his safety during his movements.

Intelligence on High Alert:

  • The National Intelligence Service (EYP) is on high alert, working diligently to anticipate and neutralize any potential security risks.

Traffic Restrictions:

  • To facilitate the security measures and ensure smooth movement for the motorcade, traffic restrictions will be implemented in certain areas of Athens starting early Thursday morning.

A Balancing Act:

  • Erdogan's visit comes amidst ongoing tensions between Greece and Turkey, making security a paramount concern. The Greek government is walking a tightrope, aiming to ensure both a safe and productive visit while also sending a clear message of deterrence.

Public Scrutiny:

  • The deployment of such a large security force is likely to draw scrutiny from the public, with some questioning its necessity and potential impact on civil liberties.

Erdogan's Agenda:

  • Despite the security focus, the main agenda of the visit remains the Greece-Turkey Supreme Cooperation Council, where discussions are expected to focus on issues like maritime borders, migration, and regional cooperation.

High Stakes Visit:

  • Erdogan's visit to Athens is undoubtedly a high-stakes event, carrying significant implications for both Greece and Turkey. The success of the visit, not just in terms of security but also in terms of fostering dialogue and progress, will be closely watched by the international community.

With drones scanning the skies, snipers vigilant from rooftops, and a multitude of officers on the ground, Athens is preparing for a presidential visit unlike any other. Whether this unprecedented security apparatus overshadows the visit's diplomatic potential remains to be seen.


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