Crete: Drunken American sailors beat up two 15-year-old girls

Crete USS Gerald Ford

At least three incidents have been caused in Crete by drunk crew members of the American aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford, and two of them happened to each other. More serious is the third, with two Americans attacking two 15-year-old schoolgirls.

The two minors filed complaints, according to which, on Saturday night, they were attacked in the Venetian Port of Chania by two drunken American sailors, who allegedly punched and slapped them!

The 15-year-old girls, who managed to escape by running, described the two Americans, and the search for their location is ongoing.

In another case, drunken Americans allegedly fought with each other in the toilets of the city's Municipal Garden, but the Police did not have to intervene.

The 337-metre-long aircraft carrier "USS Gerald Ford," which will depart on Wednesday from Souda, carries two nuclear reactors, an electromagnetic aircraft launch system that can take more than 75 aircraft of various types and has a crew of 6,000 sailors.

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