Aussie YouTuber Spanian explores Omonia at night and is left speechless - 'Worst road I've ever walked'

YouTuber Spanian

Australian YouTuber shocked his viewers in a 17-minute video posted on the platform on November 27 that has already garnered over 540,000 views and shows one of the worst neighbourhoods in the Greek capital.

At the beginning of the video, YouTuber Spanian introduces himself to the camera, stating, among other things, that he is from Sydney and that he spent much of his youth in and out of prisons. In this series of videos, he wanders with his camera into notorious neighbourhoods of different countries, revealing what happens when night falls.

His YouTube channel features videos of notorious neighbourhoods where crime and drug dealing are rampant. However, he cannot hide his shock at the situation that prevails in the streets around Omonia Square when the sun goes down, even speaking of "the worst street with drug addicts" he has ever been on.

As he wanders through the centre of Athens, around Omonia, Spanian sees drug addicts injecting drugs in the street, people lying on the sidewalks, people looking through garbage and hundreds of brothels. Drunks cursing passers-by, drug addicts, illegal immigrants and graffiti frame the sad images he took.

He notes with sadness that many of the drug users are elderly.

According to the Australian, one of the tips usually given to tourists when they are going to visit Athens is not to go near Omonia at night. He finds that it is a completely different world from other areas of the centre.

He even makes a special reference to Exarchia and their relationship with anarchists, pointing out that he considers it to be generally a safe and friendly place and not a dangerous neighbourhood of Athens.

During his walk around Omonia, he gradually looks more and more shocked and worried by the sight he sees, with syringes thrown on the asphalt and groups of people openly using drugs on the streets and sidewalks.

Spanian is also a musician and many of his videos capture moments from his travels around the globe. A few weeks ago he had posted another video from our country that focused on food in Santorini.

See the video:

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