Mitsotakis: With bold reforms, we will continue to fight for a better life for everyone


The government will continue the bold reforms in its effort to fight for a better life, for everyone, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Monday during a conference of people with disabilities.

"I want you to know that I will always be by your side and you should never hesitate to point out our weaknesses and the areas where we need to to move faster," he added.

The prime minister stated that the government's constant goal is for these hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens and their families to achieve the position they deserve in our daily lives finally.

"People who deserve our practical respect. With initiatives that will remove the many obstacles which - let's be honest - still exist in their dignified social and economic integration," he noted.

Mitsotakis also referred to the efforts made to provide financial and professional support for people with disabilities. "And you see that I also insist a lot on professional support, because I have always believed that allowances should exist but our policy cannot be exhausted only in the increase of allowances."

Postal vote, reforms in justice and the need for a 'resilient state' dominate PM's weekly review

The introduction of postal voting and other major changes and reforms were the main focus of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' weekly Sunday post on Facebook, summarising the notable events and actions taken by the government in the previous week.

Mitsotakis presented postal voting as a possible answer to the problem of increasing voter abstention in the elections and an additional way to facilitate voting by Greek citizens living abroad, as well as those within the country who are in various ways prevented from casting their vote on election day.

He also referred to reforms in justice, especially that of restricting the number of times a trial may be postponed to just one, the reduction of unemployment below 10 pct, the upgrade of the Greek economy's credit rating to investment grade by Fitch and the government's efforts to counteract high prices and restrict unfair profiteering through market inspections and high fines for offenders, as well as efforts to improve access for people with disabilities.

Regarding the policy on the climate, as discussed at the COP28 Climate Conference in Dubai, Mitsotakis noted that Greece "participated as a global protagonist" and one of the leaders in using power from renewable energy sources.

He also referred to the GR-ECO Islands initiative, in which Poros is next in line to become energy independent using RES, and Greece's emergence as an energy hub for SE Europe.

The prime minister concluded his message by emphasising the necessity of state resilience as a "springboard for the future": "The only possible option we have today - individually and collectively - is a prompt adaptation to the new and demanding reality. Economic shocks, the pandemic, natural disasters, migration flows and geopolitical conflicts....are now the links in a chain that ominously encircles the prosperity and cohesion of societies, breeding insecurity and doubt."

"At the same time, they test the state's capacity to provide safety and security to its citizens and the potential of each place to live and grow as it had initially chosen," he continued.

For this reason, the prime minister added, "we need to seek not a return to the old normality but strive to overcome the crises by daring to make bold changes - in other words, converting the temporary difficulties into permanent opportunities."

"It is this 21st-century Greece that we are building day by day, opening up a front against the longstanding problems. A country that does not just follow the developments but helps to shape them. Resilience is a springboard for the future," Mitsotakis concluded.

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