Giorgos Alkaios and Elda Panopoulou are returning to the stage together after many years away!

Giorgos Alkaios, Elda Panopoulou

Their return to the scene was jointly prepared by Giorgos Alkaios and Elda Panopoulou, two artists who had withdrawn from the "lights" of the public for a long time. Flanked by singers, dancers, actors and a 23-member band, the singer and the actress musically transport the audience from past decades to today at 4711 - Autokinis.

Elda Panopoulou and the music by Giorgos Alkaios have undertaken the direction of their show.

In a rare interview, Giorgos Alkaios said in December 2022, "leaving was the best move I made in my life".

Among the statements he made to the camera of the show "Who's in the Morning", the singer said that his decision a few years ago to leave Athens and the field of singing "was the best move he has made in his life".

"It was the best move I ever made in my life. After 2002, the job changed. After 2008, the work became harder. Then we weren't interested in music; we only cared about, e.g. if you divorced," he said.

George Alkaios lived in Milos all this time, which he mentioned in other interviews. A few months ago, he was a guest on the "Helen" show, where he had said about it: " Where there was no music, I could not exist. You've never seen me at a gala. I wasn't having a good time; it wasn't my thing. I have one issue that I want to feel comfortable with. I want to be relaxed, to be able to function. From the age of 18, it's not easy to start from Epidaurus, to do all this, to enter an unprecedented situation of record companies that changed the climate".

"I am 100% satisfied. It can be 99.9%... I could have been very successful at a given moment, but other factors played a role that didn't become what it was meant to be: A big concert with a huge artist," he added.

Regarding his decision to live in Milos, Giorgos Alkaios said:

"When you observe the signs - because the season is fast - they normally lead you to where you need to go. I finished Eurovision; I lost my grandmother; the loss was a very strange and difficult situation because it hit a different nerve than I expected. Never before had such a nerve been struck in me. I said I had nothing else to say. I've made my albums, gone gold and platinum, had amazing fails, and had great hits. I've been through it all and said I must go to the island. The first year was a release; I had a great time. Then, reading came into my life, and I had things to do. I had thrown the studio stuff in the warehouse and said, 'you're not going to open it!'"

Elda Panopoulou stayed away from television, with her interviews and public appearances being few and far between in recent years. One of her most recent interviews was also at the end of 2022, on the camera of the "Helen" show, where she initially said: "I am surrounded every day by new kids who seduce me. I try to teach my children that pluralism between two people is protection."

As a television presenter, she emphasised, "Between us, we were not forced to have all the programs we presented paid for. I don't need to put water in my wine. What's missing today is company. The panellists are one thing, and the groups are another. They offered me to be a panellist on a show, and I refused because I had nothing to offer. It's not my job to comment."

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