Savoring Ouzo: From Medicinal Elixir to Greek Joy in a Glass

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There is an old Greek saying, "Ouzo makes the spirit," and in true Greek style, it’s paired with food, music, and lively conversation. A glass of Ouzo is the perfect companion to all of the above, and there’s no doubt it helps create ‘Kefi’ (joy).

Ouzo isn't just a beloved Greek spirit; it holds a unique place in traditional medicine. Often applied topically, it's used as an antiseptic on wounds, and a warm Ouzo drink is considered a remedy for head colds and flu, promoting better sleep. Folk wisdom includes Yiayia's techniques, like applying Ouzo on teething babies, gargling for sore throats or mouth ulcers, and even rubbing it on muscles or joints for relief. When it comes to consumption, Ouzo undergoes a fascinating transformation – initially clear, it turns cloudy when iced water or cubes are introduced.

Embraced during the summer months, Greeks savour Ouzo slowly, relishing each sip alongside leisurely conversations, ensuring it's an experience not to be hurried. Don't forget to pair it with plenty of mezedakia to fully appreciate the essence of this Greek spirit!

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