Athens metro and tram workers announce strike on Tuesday

Syntagma Metro Station

The workforce of the Athens tram and metro (lines 1, 2 and 3) are to hold a three-hour 'warning' work stoppage on Tuesday, from 22:00 until the end of their shift.

In a joint statement, the unions of Urban Rail Transport (STASY) staff gave the following reasons for the mobilisation.

- That articles in the collective labour agreements are not being applied
- No Joint Ministerial Decree has yet been issued
- The Transport Ministry remains indifferent to their demands.

Urban Rail Transport (STASY) on Tuesday resorted to the courts to have a work stoppage unexpectedly announced by six staff unions declared illegal.

The move follows a surprise announcement made by unions at 13:00 on Tuesday of a three-hour work stoppage starting at 22:00 until the end of the shift.

Following this development, STASY is expected to make a further announcement regarding the ruling on its appeal and how the metro and tram lines will operate.



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