Greek police officer loses lower leg after brutal hooligan attack

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The 31-year-old police officer who fell victim to sports violence had his left lower limb amputated on Tuesday, as was announced by the Nikea general hospital in Piraeus.

In a statement, doctors noted that the decision to amputate the officer's limb was taken due to irreversible ischemic damage and extensive muscle necrosis in the area of the wound on his thigh, and to prevent septic complications.

He is being treated in the hospital's intensive care unit in critical condition under sedation and mechanical ventilation, while he is hemodynamically supported with vasoconstrictor medicines and extrarenal hemodialysis.

The police officer was struck with a naval flare in violent incidents that broke out during a volleyball game between the Panathinaikos and Olympiacos teams outside the 'Melina Mercouri' sports arena in the Rentis neighborhood of Athens on December 7.

A total of 424 people were detained that night, including an 18-year-old man who confessed on Sunday to striking the police officer with the naval flare.

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