Andros: The mystery of disappearing dogs on the Cycladic island - The warning sign

Andros beach with dog warning sign

There is no end to the bad incidents with animals in our country. Animals that are abused, animals that are murdered in the worst way, animals that are trained to be aggressive, and animals that mysteriously disappear.

Dimosthenis Loukisas from the village of Kalivari, Makrotantalou community in Andros, wanting to draw the attention of those who have a dog, posted on his personal Facebook account a photo with a sign located on Paralia Megali Peza beach.

The sign states that there are disappearances of dogs in the area as a monster - meaning a human - kills them. And underneath, he writes some names of dogs that have mysteriously disappeared.

Mr. Dimosthenis Loukisas, as he told To Pet Mou, has been living in Andros for the last few years and is engaged in beekeeping and tourism. He suddenly lost his dog in the area about two weeks ago, which he could not find, no matter how much he searched in the mountains and other places.

And we are talking about a small area where the earth can't open up and swallow him...

He was informed that 12 dogs had been lost in his search for his dog.

The area has seven settlements, and the houses in his village are only 12. Most of the people he contacted told him that some herders shoot the dogs to protect their herds, which live freely, but illegally.

As he mentions, the few breeders there have their herds free for less cost. The dogs are shot and disappear. But no one wants to talk and name the perpetrator or perpetrators. Unless someone speaks, of course, it's impossible to figure out.

The usual things will be said: that the dog fell off the cliff, or bitten by a snake, or was stolen, or got lost, and all sorts of other imaginable scenarios. Apart from Mr Loukisas, other people report that they, too, have mysteriously lost their dog in this area and have never been able to find them.

Unfortunately, once again, we see what happens in most - almost all, to be precise - cases of animal abuse and disappearances. Some know. After all, most societies are small. Everyone knows each other. But no one is talking—a silence that becomes complicit with victims, always innocent creatures.

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