Archbishop Ieronymos on Stefanos Kasselakis: "Leave the poor man alone..."

Archbishop Ieronymos, Stefanos Kasselakis

Archbishop Ieronymos, in his statements on the show "Breakfast" of ANT1, spoke of a waiting attitude of the Holy Synod regarding a possible bill for gay marriage.

Earlier, in an interview with Giorgos Papadakis and Maria Anastasopoulou, he had declared that he was positive about same-sex couples living together but negative about procreation.

What caused an impression, however, is the way in which he commented on Mr. Kasselakis, the main opposition SYRIZA leader.

"Leave the poor guy alone," he commented when asked about the president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis.

Ieronymos, to Papadakis, speaks for the first time about Father Antonio: "He is my child; I told him that his course is not correct."

"We are waiting for the same-sex marriage law to be discussed. If set. If it comes up, we should talk about it. If we don't read the bill, how can we tell if we are for or against it? We wait to read it first," said Archbishop Ieronymos, addressing the reporter of the show "Proinono", with the reporter of ANT1 answering in the affirmative.

Then, he was asked about Stefanos Kasselakis and answered: "Leave the poor guy alone".

Kasselakis: SYRIZA aiming for first place in the European elections

Main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance leader Stefanos Kasselakis reiterated that the party is aiming at first place in the upcoming European elections, while he announced that SYRIZA-PA will vote in favour of the defence expenditure in the budget.

In an interview with Kontra TV late on Thursday, and commenting on the problem of high prices, he said: "There is no doubt that taxes are very high. VAT revenue has increased by 40%. Has the income of Greeks increased accordingly? So how do citizens pay 40% more taxes? Greeks are being impoverished, that's how we got the investment grade."

Regarding SYRIZA's proposals, he said: "The first thing that needs to be done is the reduction of indirect taxes. The second thing is for the public sector to work. There are tools to make the public sector work."

He noted that the welfare state and the services it offers are also linked to the minimum wage and added that Greece is a country with very low wages, in 24th place out of 27 in the EU. The increase in wages will return to the economy, he said. Asked about it, he said that "the minimum salary should be at least 900 euros net."

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