Despina Vandi: Dedicates "Don't Leave" to Vasilis Bisbikis

Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi experiences a great love by the side of Vasilis Bisbikis, and very often, she dedicates songs to him when she performs on stage.

In a video released on TikTok, the well-known singer performs "Mi fygeis"/"Don't leave" by Antonis Remos, addressing her partner, with him shouting "Where should I go?".

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The actor regularly visits the nightclub where Vandi sings. A few weeks ago, on the actor's birthday, the singer also gave him a kiss while he was on the dance floor.

Bisbikis wanted to enjoy his beloved on stage and, on the occasion, to celebrate his birthday there. However, Vandi did not leave him without returning the kiss.

The singer made a dedication to him above the stage. "It's my boyfriend's birthday today... I love you," she told him over the dance floor. She then walked up to and kissed him, as seen in a video on TikTok.


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