Despina Vandi became emotional on stage - The song that is connected to the loss of her father (VIDEO)

Despina Vandi

In a recent appearance, Despina Vandi spoke emotionally about the song she has connected with the death of her father.

In detail, the singer was invited to the 7th festive Exclusive Live Event, "Night Falls with...RHYTHM" of RHYTHMO 94.9, which took place on the evening of Tuesday, December 12.

The well-known performer took the stage and sang her greatest hits. However, during the evening, she could not contain her emotion as she referred to the song "Until May Month", which she combined with the psychology of her mother, who experienced this tragic loss several years ago.

She stated: "This song moves me a lot. You know some of my songs - let's talk about me - they have some stories in them; when I record them, most of them, I think about situations, people, this happens, it happens effortlessly. I have combined this song with the psychology of my mother, who lost my father. We lost him many years ago. It's juxtaposed with the loss of dad, and it touches me because I feel like the specific lyrics sync up with her psychology. I'll try not to think about anything, only the notes," said Despina Vandi and began to perform the piece "Until May Month".

Watch the video:

However, during the performance, Despina Vandi could not contain her feelings and stopped singing as she became emotional.

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