Croissant with galaktoboureko or bougatsa: The hybrid sweets that drove Greece crazy

galaktoboureko croissant

Well, to be clear from the start: We love the traditional. The flavours we know, that we have been eating since we were little children. But it doesn't hurt to develop the thing here and there. To move to another level, to try new things. The power in union and the hybrid sweets that we will show you below come to sum up in the form of triumph.

They drove Greece crazy, especially the combination of galaktoboureko and croissant...

But let's start from the beginning.

Gastronomy goes in circles; it is an art requiring imagination. Crossings between two sweets, or even their basic characteristics, can give birth to tasty poems. Here are the documents of a "marriage" that turned into happiness...

The hybrid sweets that went... elsewhere!


This is where it all started. May 2013. A French chef in New York is changing the game in hybrid sweets. It took him a long time to test and search for the ideal proportions and perfect tactics and times. When he felt that everything was "OK", he launched it into the market. And there was destruction. The cronut became the talk of the town and, via social media, a global trend.

Croissant doughnuts, how can you go wrong? One of the 25 culinary genius arrests of that year, according to Time magazine. A ceiling had been reached at the time, i.e. the maximum number of sweets a customer could take, such "panic" was happening in the store.

From then on, many copied the chef's arrest. It was now a monument of the world's culinary heritage; of course, it also came to our parts. A specific shop has yet to be identified with it, but you will find it in several new-age bakeries.


Reminiscent of... Jackie Chan in the ear makes us feel good stylistically as it can knock you out of the pleasure! Like a kick of joy (poetic license...), it hits.

The food blogger inspired it and cooked Dimitris Koparanis in 2014 at Estrella, which is basically a union of the croissant with the classic bougainvillea cream. Thessaloniki – France alliance! Sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, devoured in no time...

It had also become a political issue then; Liana Kanelli had written an article in Rizospastis against Bugachan; she had called it "cultural alienation", among other things, before paralleling it with SYRIZA!

The situation back then, in the middle of the economic crisis, was completely polarised and weird, but a dessert was just a different idea; it was really too much. It seems that pioneers are destined to listen to various…


And this one came to us from New York. It became a trend; it got devoted fans. The cruffin is a combination of buttery croissants with all kinds of muffins. It's as good as it sounds, yes…

In a good sense, it can send you so much variety that it has the potential for a different end result. Have an appetite, literally and figuratively. You will find this recipe difficult, but you live in the age of the internet and food applications, and you will definitely find bakeries that make it.

Croissant – galaktoboureko

The Flaked Croissanterie is what its name says. A (heavenly) place that specialises in croissants. That makes you gasp. First, slurp them out of excitement for what you just tried.

Originality is also a trademark of the company. This is where the croissant-galaktoboureko comes into the picture. Yes Yes. They dared it, united it and succeeded! Amazingly delicious.

And for those who like tasty surprises, it doesn't stop at sweets. The guys have even made croissants - carbonara!

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