Crete: Lottery draws 1,000 euros worth of funerals

Crete lottery

Lottery draws mobiles, televisions and also... free funerals for the financial support of Sports Academies in Crete.

Mr. Stelios Kokosalakis, President of PAOK Krousona Sports Academies, spoke to ERT about the effort to raise money to pay for clothes and coaches for the children in the academies, but also about the three big prizes of the lottery, which are the latest iPhone phone, a... funeral that costs 1,000 euros and is won by the 2nd lucky winner, and a 75-inch TV for the third.

After thanking the funeral home sponsoring this effort, he clarified that the gift " does not only apply to the owner of the raffle ticket but also to any person dear to him who goes to God", as the lottery says.

Mr Kokosalakis added: "And the other thing not written on the lottery ticket is that it also has no expiration date. It can be passed on to a loved one."

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