Responsible Travel suggests 10 alternative Greek islands for 2024

Karpathos, responsible travel

The ten best alternative island destinations in Greece for the new year that offer unique experiences beyond the ordinary was announced by the popular Responsible Travel website, which specialises in alternative activities and sustainability.

The first three places on Responsible Travel's list are Kythnos for ideal weekend escapes, Ithaca for diving and Patmos for quality religious tourism.

Next are Amorgos with its beautiful monasteries, Naxos with its impressive nature, Syros with its exceptional neoclassical architecture and Tinos with its rich history.

Platia Ammos Ithaca

Karpathos completes the list with its traditional local cuisine, the mythical Serifos and Andros, which impresses with its paths to wild natural landscapes and historical monuments!

The list is part of the EOT initiatives. Representatives of destinations leading the way in new travel trends explain to AMNA the importance of thematic forms of tourism.

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"Patmos has great potential as a destination with a strong historical and religious imprint on the international scene. Our quality tourism services in accommodation and catering, combined with unparalleled natural beauty and the range of alternative options, allow us to move beyond the 'sun-sea' pattern and target travellers with special interests. After all, this is what we will pursue together with professionals and agencies in the coming five years," said the new Mayor of Patmos, Nikitas Tsampalakis.


“Andros has a combination of features capable of attracting travellers outside the high summer season. For the coming years, our priority will be the promotion of hiking, the gastronomy of traditions, history and culture to create that 'yeast' that will make the destination more attractive to visit before and after the big tourist months," stressed the Vice President of the Association of Rooms and Apartments for Rent in Ydrousa Andros, Nikos Moustakas.

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"Karpathos has those 'raw materials' that can differentiate it internationally. Our goal is to strengthen extroversion, the use of technology, the better highlighting of special forms of tourism and the 'marriage' with the culture of Karpathos, gastronomy, culture, climbing and traditions to enrich our tourist narrative and to more efficiently approach the travelling public with quality interests," pointed out the new Deputy Mayor for Tourism of the Municipality of Karpathos, Anastasios Milios.

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The Top 5 according to the list:

5. Naxos, Cyclades Islands

The largest island in the Cyclades gets overlooked in favour of Santorini and Mykonos, but it’s mountainous and it’s large enough that crops can be cultivated on it – something that’s not possible on its neighbours. The result? Plenty of delicious local produce to try, and an island interior that gets very few visitors. There’s time to visit its more famous neighbours by boat, should you want.

4. Amorgos, Cyclades Islands

Mass tourism still hasn’t made its way to Amorgos, despite easy ferry links to Santorini and Mykonos. Indeed, the main town has hints of Santorini minus the crowds. Whitewashed houses have blue shutters and bright pink bougainvillea adorns doorways. At points, Amorgos is only 2km wide, so beach hopping is easy. The lengthy coastline also leaves lots of room for walking between rocky hills, Byzantine monasteries and hilltop acropolises that go back to Minoan times.

3. Patmos, Dodecanese Islands

Thousands of pilgrims head to Patmos to visit St John’s Monastery and the Cave of the Apocalypse – the cheerily named cave where John is said to have written the end-is-nigh Book of Revelation. Don’t worry, the rest of the island is decidedly less doom-laden. There are plenty of peaceful pebble and sand beaches, plus meadows bright with orchids in spring.

2. Ithaca, Ionian Islands

Ithaca is the legendary home of Odysseus, but that’s where its fame seemingly ends. Most visitors to the Ionians head to Kefalonia, which lies a half-hour ferry ride across the water, leaving Ithaca to quietly roll out glassy coves made for scuba diving and snorkelling, seafood tavernas in Frikes harbour, and walking trails that meander from Byzantine ruins to villages. And all in an island that’s barely 30km from top to toe.

1. Kythnos, Cyclades Islands

Kythnos is a weekend escape for Athenians looking for a breather, but practically unknown to international tourists. Spend a week here to explore Hora, the car-free capital, and mule paths that meander between hot springs, castle-topped headlands and half-buried temples. Leave time for the beaches too (there are over 50 of them) and idling in waterside tavernas that serve island-made honey, wine and cheese.

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