Violent Abduction Attempt at Greek Toll Station Believed to be Linked to Trafficking Ring

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Unknown assailants violently attempted to abduct a woman at the Elaionas toll station in Aigio, western Greece, on Thursday evening.

Video footage captured by a passing driver reveals a man pulling the victim by her arms, another trying to seize her legs, while a third kept the vehicle door open. The woman, described in some reports as a 28-year-old foreign national, can be seen screaming as she lies on the road, managing to eventually escape capture.

According to information from public broadcaster ERT, the incident is believed to be connected to a migrant trafficking ring dismantled by authorities on December 17. During that operation, authorities discovered two traffickers and 17 foreign nationals in a rural residence in the West Achaia region, with 15 lacking the necessary legal documents for their stay in Greece.

Reports indicate that the woman is the partner of one of the suspects arrested days earlier for involvement in the trafficking ring. She was returning to Athens after meeting with him. The ring members allegedly attempted to intimidate her to prevent her from exposing their operation to the police.

According to some reports, the police have identified one of the perpetrators and are currently searching for him.

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