Greece rescues 81 from stranded ship on common illegal Migration route


Rescued passengers identified themselves as Egyptians, Pakistanis, Syrians.

Authorities in southern Greece have successfully rescued 81 people who were stranded on a ship south of the mainland. This particular route is frequently used by migrants attempting to reach Italy illegally. The local officials in the southern Greek port of Kalamata have provided temporary shelter for the rescued individuals. Upon identification, they revealed that they are from Egypt, Pakistan, and Syria.

20231223 082022
Greece rescues 81 from stranded ship on common illegal Migration route 1

The rescue operation took place just south of Greece's designated search and rescue area. However, no further details regarding the operation were provided by the authorities. Tragically, in June, a fishing trawler, also traveling on the same route, sank, resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives. The coast guard managed to save 104 people and recover 82 bodies, but unfortunately, numerous others who were on board the vessel were never found.

The recent rescue operation highlights the ongoing challenges faced by authorities in combating illegal migration and the dangers migrants face while attempting to make these treacherous journeys. The city of Kalamata's provision of temporary shelter demonstrates a commitment to humanitarian aid and support for those in need.

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