The actress Haritini Karolou died

Haritini Karolou

The actress Haritini Karolou passed away on Tuesday.

Spyros Bibilas announced the sad news of Haritini Karolou's death with a post on social media.

"Goodbye, my dear friend; a little while ago, we learned the sad news... our good friend, colleague and very good actress Haritini Karolou has breathed her last and is travelling to the light... Have a good trip, my Haritini... I will always remember you with love for your care for all of us and for your adoration of the theatre!” wrote the president of SEH, posting photos of her.

Check out his post:

Haritini Karolou was born in Kozani in 1941 and was the youngest of the eight children of the Paralopoulou family. Her father was a judge, and in the 1950s, he was transferred to Piraeus, where she spent her childhood years.

She had studied at the theatre schools of Dimitris Rodiris and the Athens Conservatory, graduating in 1964.

Haritini Karolou was the wife of the director and television producer Soulis Georgiadis, who died in 1997, and a close friend of Aliki Vougiouklakis's for years. The two had acted together in the movie "Cunning Woman, Hard Woman."

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