Vasilis Karras: With tears and songs at the last farewell - Today his burial in Kokkinochori Kavala

Vasilis Karras

Kokkinohori Kavala, the village of Vasilis Karras is waiting for him today at noon to say their last goodbye to the beloved singer on his loneliest last journey on this earth.

The word "lonely" is relative as a concept since many friends who loved the heavy, soulful voice of Vasilis Karras are expected to be present today.

They did it yesterday. Thousands of people passed by the Holy Church of Agia Sophia in Thessaloniki to leave a flower along with a tear and show him how much they loved him.

See everything that happened in the viewing:

In the exodus procession there was plenty of emotion for the king of folk song, who spoke to the souls of the people who loved him because he was primarily one of them.

Tragic figures at the ceremony were his wife Christina and their daughter Irini , who could not stand it when the bouzoukis said goodbye to him as his friends and fanatical fans called out to him.

Even an employee of the funeral home, carrying the coffin with his colleagues, who is familiar by profession with such difficult times, could not hold back his tears when a Pontic song was heard.

Vasilis Karras

Vasilis Karras

Vasilis Karras

Everywhere you saw tearful looks, faces saddened by the loss of a pure-blooded folk performer who suffered from cancer without giving up.

His passing on the eve of this year's Christmas, plunged all of Greece into sadness that will never again hear from his mouth the famous "Good evening and good night."

The phrase that caused delirium in people who loved this heavy voice that expressed woes, sorrows and the capsule of love to the maximum extent.

At the funeral that he delivered at the request of the family, the secretary of the KO of New Democracy, Stavros Kalafatis, spoke with tender words about his friend, saying among other things: "He said it all with the songs, his support for those in need with the inviolable condition never to be learned."

"He said it all with his love for Christina and Irene. From the North to the South, Vassilis gave love and taught morals for more than 40 years. He knew how to touch the soul of the Greek.

"In our hearts he is the last great folk singer. Thank you for the honor of being yours and the honor your family has given me to be here, in front of you. I convey the Prime Minister's sincere condolences.

"For all this, my Santa, you're not going anywhere, you're going to stay here!"

Video of the moment the body arrives at the church:

Kostas Botsolis, the doctor who had taken care of him, emphasised that few would endure what the performer went through, who did not want the details of the battle he fought all these months to be known.

He always had by his side Christina, the only woman he loved, the one who waited for him to come home every morning and his daughter Irene, the girl he adored. He had many others close to him in what proved to be an uneven battle.

The singer managed to record his last album, just before he passed away.

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