Sakis Rouvas: His daughter sings Anna Vissi and TikTok deifies her - Watch video

Sakis Rouvas

The beloved singer spent Christmas with Katia Zygouli and their children and shares family videos and snapshots on social networks.

Sakis Rouvas and his family recently went on a car ride, and from the passenger seat, the singer posted a new clip on social media.

In the clip, his daughter, Anastasia, sings the chorus from the song "Psychedelia" by Anna Vissi.

On TikTok, Sakis' followers wished the family "Happy Birthday" and praised his daughter, writing that she had inherited his talent for singing.

Check out the video and comments:


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In another recent clip he posted, the singer placed a large wrapping paper on the floor and lay down on it, wrapping himself in it as a... gift for his wife, Katia Zygouli.

"Katia's gift is ready for this year", he wrote in the post's caption.


Έτοιμο το δώρο της Κάτιας για φέτος! 🎁🫣 #sakisrouvas #giftideas #christmas

♬ All I Want for Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey

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