Rapid rise in COVID-19 cases - Greek health authorities recommend vaccinations and face masks

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There was a sharp increase in cases of Covid-19, flu or flu-like symptoms and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) infections between 18-24 December, according to a report by the National Organisation for Public Health released on Friday.

There was an increased spread of the SARS-CoV2 virus in the community and hospital admissions were up 37%, rising higher than the number of admissions in the same week of 2022. Sixty-two deaths from Covid-19, with a median age of 83, and 54 people were intubated in hospital were recorded.

In total, 102 JN.1 sub-variants of BA.2.86 have been detected in Greece.

There was an increase in flu infections, with three serious cases recorded, and RSV.

Due to the increased presence of the coronavirus EODY proposes people take extra precautions, including:

- All people over 60 and everyone with underlying health issues be vaccinated with the latest, updated vaccines

- Using face masks in all hospitals, clinics, health centres, as well as any indoor spaces hosting-accomodating elderly people

- Everyone should be more careful with personal hygiene measures, including regularly washing one's hands and airing indoor spaces



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