Winter sales 2024: When do they start?

winter sales

On Monday, January 8, the winter sales in stores begin, which end on Thursday, February 29, 2024. During the sales, stores are expected to be open on the first Sunday, January 14, with suggested opening hours from 11 am. until 6:00 p.m.

It is recalled that based on the bill of the Ministry of Development, the winter sales start on the second Monday of every January and end at the end of February.

What consumers should be aware of

The Union of Consumer Workers of Greece has published the five rules that ensure consumers will not fall victim to "offers".

The rules:

To do market research and check the price (original and new) and the quality of the products. Also, look online for the cost of the product they will choose by code or model number to ensure that the price they have found is the best.

To delineate their needs and plan with a list of the purchases they will make, which will go along with their personal or family budget, avoiding reckless spending.

To be informed of the details and terms of their transaction when purchasing products in instalments. For credit card purchases, always be informed of the terms and conditions of the particular purchase.

Products must carry the original price and the offer price (not the discount percentage).
Caution! Offers often say no changes, so if you regret it, you can't change. Always ask for the receipt for the products you have purchased.

If the product is defective and you want to return or exchange it, you'll need proof of receipt.

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