Konstantinos Argiros and the official appearance with his partner, Alexandra Nika

Konstantinos Argiros, Alexandra Nika

The couple made their first public appearance.

Konstantinos Argiros and Alexandra Nika had fun in a well-known nightclub, where Marinella is currently appearing with Betty Maggira.

The singer has kept his personal life out of the limelight until now. Footage of the couple's exit was shown on the "Breakfast SuSou" show.

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"They've been together for about a year and a half. Alexandra Nika commutes from Los Angeles, where she studies and works professionally. We would say it is a long-distance relationship", said a show journalist.

He then added: "They were very discreet. They came friends who are also a couple. People approached Konstantinos Argiros, and he did not want to hide anything."

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