Operation Prosperity Guardian: Greece's Hydra frigate will participate in the multinational operation in the Red Sea

Hydra frigate

The Navy has approved the "Hydra" frigate to participate in the multinational Operation Prosperity Guardian, which, under the umbrella of the United States, is to be deployed within the next 2 to 3 weeks in the Red Sea to protect merchant vessels—navy from attacks by Yemen's Houthi-led Ansarullah rebels.

A key role in the selection of the Hydra frigate, one of the four types MEKO 200 HN that Greece has, to be sent in the "Prosperity Guardian" operation was the perfection of the operation of its satellite systems as well as the heavy armament it carries.

In the event that, for any reason, e.g. emergency damage to a key system, the Hydra frigate is deemed unfit to go to the Red Sea, then the Fleet Headquarters selects the "Psara" frigate as a replacement ship.

As reported by military circles, as cited by Proto Thema, throughout its mission in the Red Sea, the frigate will be equipped with drones, which will be operated by a special military echelon that will operate from the ship to strengthen its self-defence, but also for reasons identification of potential targets and threats.

The frigate will also carry portable countermeasures suitable for dealing with enemy drones - kamikaze with mobile ammunition, which could target the Greek ship. After all, the "Hydra" frigate is one of the most modern and battle-ready frigates of the Navy since it has a helicopter, carries powerful self-defence systems, has significant fire control and radar power, but also particularly strong armour for maintaining the integrity of its integrated weapon systems.

Hydra frigate

The dispatch of a Greek frigate to one of the volatile areas on the planet was decided in the wake of reports by the Houthi rebels that they would continue attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea in retaliation for Israel's war with Hamas, which had as a result, more and more ships of the merchant navy, as well as companies active in maritime transport, avoid passage through the area.

Iran supports the Houthis and mainly uses kamikaze drones and missiles for their attacks.

As the Minister of National Defense, Mr Nikos Dendias, pointed out on December 21, 2023, announcing our country's participation in the multinational coalition, these attacks pose a huge threat to human lives, international security and stability, the global economy and the well-being of citizens.

"Greece, the country with the largest maritime fleet, has a primary interest in preserving the freedom of the sea lanes and protecting the lives of seafarers," Dendias said.

Hydra frigate

It is recalled that the initiative to protect shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden region belongs to the United States, with the relevant announcements being made on December 18. Operation Prosperity Guardian is multinational and will succeed the current Task Force 153 (TF 153) of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) based in Bahrain.

The CMF was formed last year and is commanded by alternating US and Egyptian navies. Information already has it that a group of Navy personnel has moved to the Operations Headquarters set up by the US in Bahrain to act as a link between the Greek mission and the Americans.

Regarding the mission of the Greek frigate "Hydra", it is estimated that in addition to its crew and the special military echelon operating drones, there will additionally be a security team on board, thus increasing the total number of people who will operate from it to more than 200.

The "Hydra" frigate is of the MEKO 200 HN type; it was launched in Hamburg, Germany, in June 1991 and handed over to the Navy in October 1992. Greece still has three ships of the same type, the " Fish", "Spetsai" and "Salami".

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