2024 a landmark year in terms of tax administration

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2024 is expected to be a landmark year in terms of tax administration. More specifically, the interconnection of cash registers and POS machines with the Taxisnet system will be implemented, significantly changing how the market operates while also making the work of the tax administration easier.

The finance ministry has ruled out the possibility of a new extension to the interconnection of cash registers with POS. This measure, which constitutes an important challenge for the financial staff, will be completed within the first months of the new year.

Based on the current schedule, the interconnection processes should have been completed by February 29.

Almost all retail market sectors must now accept card payments, while all freelancers must have a business account and accept direct payments through the IRIS system.

Although the measure has applied since January 1, 2024, traders who do not yet have a POS can avoid fines until March 1, provided they have proven that they have ordered their POS by January 31, and are awaiting their installation from the banks.

After this deadline, fines of up to 1,500 euros will be imposed.

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