Alexandra Palaiologou uploads a yoga video and invites her followers to join her

Alexandra Palaiologou yoga

Alexandra Palaiologou posted a video on Instagram of herself doing yoga. Wearing comfortable gym clothes, she follows her teacher's instructions, doing the exercises he dictates.

In the post she made on Monday, January 8, the actress wrote:

"And after the holidays where we all ate and drank maybe a little too much, a return to healthy habits. For me, yoga is the epitome of physical and mental health, well-being, balance. Try if you want these three minutes with me; I hope you like it! And of course, it is very important to find a very good teacher because many times, what I see are just exercises for the circus; it has nothing to do with what yoga really is. I feel very grateful to my teacher who introduced me to the truth of yoga."

Watch the video:

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