SEC confirms its X (Twitter) account was hacked, and an unauthorized tweet was posted.

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Just minutes after rumours of early Bitcoin ETF approvals sparked pandemonium, a twist emerges. SEC Chair Gary Gensler has posted on [platform where Gensler posted] that it was a hoax and his account had been hacked. The alleged tweet containing approval news vanishes, leaving a trail of confusion and lingering questions.

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SEC confirms its X (Twitter) account was hacked, and an unauthorized tweet was posted. 1

Did an intern accidentally fire off the fake news? Was it a malicious hack with a sophisticated agenda? While the truth remains murky, one thing is clear: the SEC still holds the keys to approving multiple Bitcoin ETFs, with an open window until January 10th.

Remember, it all starts with those crucial 19b-4 filings: stage one in the approval process. Exchanges submitted their paperwork before Friday's deadline, waiting for the SEC's signature to ignite the launch pad. Then comes the final hurdle: the SEC's green light on issuers' S-1 applications. If both stages clear, these ETFs could technically blast off as early as the next business day.

But hold your horses, crypto cowboys! This saga is far from over. The specific ETFs involved, their market impact, and the long-term implications are still uncertain. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as this plot unfolds, and don't get fooled by another flash-bang like the alleged Gensler tweet.

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