Shakespeare Under Two Flags: Turkish and Greek Actors Unite for "Romeo and Juliet" Collaboration

Turkish State Theaters manager Tamer Karadağlı announced the first-ever co-production between Turkish and Greek theaters, Ankara, Türkiye, Jan. 10, 2024. (IHA Photo)

In a groundbreaking cultural exchange, the Turkish State Theatres and the Piraeus City Theatre of Greece are joining forces to stage a unique production of Shakespeare's timeless tragedy, "Romeo and Juliet."

This co-production promises to bridge cultures and languages, breathing new life into the love story that has captivated audiences for centuries.

Tamer Karadağlı, General Director of Turkish State Theatres, announced the exciting collaboration at the recent "State Theatres, 2024 Theatre Everywhere" program. Emphasizing the significance of the project, he stated, "Romeo and Juliet's tale of star-crossed lovers remains a global treasure, reminding us of the transformative power of love even in our turbulent world. This co-production will strengthen the bond between Turkey and Greece and offer a fresh perspective on Shakespeare's masterpiece."

Rehearsals for the play will be held in Greece, fostering cross-cultural understanding and artistic synergy between the actors and directors of the two countries. Following its premiere at Istanbul's Atatürk Cultural Centre (AKM), the production will embark on a national tour, captivating audiences in Ankara and Izmir before ultimately gracing the Athenian stage.

This artistic exchange symbolizes a shared pursuit of beauty and understanding through the magic of theatre. As Karadağlı aptly said, "Unconditional love once again becomes a balm for us," transcending borders and uniting hearts through the powerful language of Shakespeare's words.


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