Unearthed Treasures: Ancient Coins and More Discovered in Greece

Rare coins minted during ancient Olympic Games unearthed in Greece, photos show

Archaeologists in Greece have uncovered a remarkable find: 29 rare coins dating back to ancient times. Located in Chiliomodi, a village near Athens, the coins represent a significant window into the history and culture of Greece's past.

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Made from silver and boasting intricate engravings, these coins range from the 6th to the 4th centuries BC. Some bear depictions of faces, animals, and even mythological figures like Hercules, add a further dimension to their historical significance.

"Together, they compose some of the rarest and most noteworthy coins from Greek antiquity," the Greek Ministry of Culture declared.

These coins offer not just monetary value but also insights into ancient society. Three of them, known as staters, were minted during the renowned Olympic Games in Olympia, highlighting the importance of these athletic events in Greek culture. Others originated from various city-states, showcasing the diverse landscape of the ancient Greek world.


Beyond the coins, the excavation revealed remnants of an ancient settlement, a Roman building, and even tomb complexes. These additional discoveries paint a broader picture of life in this region, hinting at the presence of communities across different eras.

This archaeological find showcases the enduring legacy of ancient Greece, offering tangible connections to a fascinating past. While specific values or details regarding the settlement or tombs are not specified, the overall focus remains on the historical significance and intriguing stories these artifacts tell.

 News release from the Greek Ministry of Culture.

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