Türkiye Rejects Media Manipulation


Ankara refuted claims of harassing Greek fishermen, calling them "unfounded reports" fabricated by a Greek news channel. Presidential Communications Director Fahrettin Altun condemned the attempt to sow discord between Türkiye and Greece.

The allegations stemmed from a news report on ANT1 television, purporting to show Turkish coast guard vessels "harassing" Greek fishermen near the Aegean islet of Kardak. However, Altun exposed the deception, revealing the footage was years old and showcasing a routine maritime interaction, not aggression.

Further bolstering Türkiye's position, the Center for Combating Disinformation flagged the news as misinformation disseminated in Turkish, Greek, and English.

Acknowledging ANT1's eventual correction, Altun emphasized Türkiye's unwavering commitment to truth, stating, "We are determined to fight for the truth, not only for our country but for all of humanity."

This episode highlights the ongoing need for responsible media practices and vigilance against misinformation campaigns, particularly involving sensitive international relations.


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