Ireland: Greek nurse was paid €500 for 12-hour shift on Christmas Day

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The wage gap between the workers in the National Health Systems of Greece and Ireland is highlighted in a video uploaded to the TikTok platform by a Greek nurse.

Tolis works in a public hospital in Ireland, and in the video, he reveals to his followers the pay he received for the 12-hour shift he did on Christmas Day.

Watch the video:


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The nurse emphasises that for this particular shift that started at eight o'clock on Christmas night and ended at eight o'clock the next day, i.e. 12 hours of work, he received 820 euros gross (500 euros net).

In the comments, he mentions that the nurse's salary in Ireland is 4,000 euros gross, about 3,200 euros net. To the question of a user of the application, if "he has 500 left a month to save," the nurse replies that he manages and saves more.

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