Russian director Adolf Shapiro brings Chekhov's "Platonov" to the Municipal Theatre Of Piraeus

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Anton Chekhov's play "Platonov" is staged on February 21 at the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus. The performance is directed by the leading Russian director, Adolf Shapiro.

In this early work, found a few years after the author's death without a title, so listed under the name of the central character, there are already the dominant thematic patterns that would preoccupy Chekhov in his adulthood.

Platonov's arrival upsets the summer party of the widow Anna Petrovna's guests, awakening forbidden passions and the existential shudder at the futility and fleetingness of life.

It is a mysterious work where the sublime and the vile, the comic and the tragic, constantly coexist but are also inextricably intertwined.

A world-renowned theatre teacher, Adolf Shapiro was a student and successor of Maria Knebel, who in turn was a student and successor of Konstantin Stanislavski. Shapiro's worldwide fame is mainly due to his study, interpretation, and direction of Anton Chekhov's works.

He notes about the show he is directing in Greece: "I have staged Chekhov's texts in many languages ​​and in many countries. It is, however, the first time I will deal with the chronologically oldest sample of the great Russian writer's talent. I hope that from this first work of Chekhov, which contains all the themes the author develops in his subsequent works, a performance will emerge - a tribute to Chekhov, a work on his subject matter. It remains to think why the title of the work 'Platonov' contains the name of the great Greek philosopher of antiquity. There are many more mysteries in this work, and with our performance, we will try to give answers to them."


George Christodoulou, Panagiota Vlantis, Homer Poulakis, Errika Bigiou, Irini Kazakou, George Iliopoulos, Kostas Flokatoulas, Thanasis Zeritis, Thanasis Vlavianos, Dimitris Karabetsis, Iovi Fragatou and Spyros Ioannou

Performance dates & times:

Wednesday 19:00
Thursday & Friday 21:00
Saturday 17:30 & 21:00

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