Athens: Cat killer sentenced to 8 years without parole and fined €20,000

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A 33-year-old, who in February 2023 was recorded by a security camera murdering a cat in cold blood in the Athens neighbourhood of Votanikos, was sent to prison.

The prosecutor did not recognise any mitigating circumstances and, as reported by Mega, the judge sentenced him to eight years in prison without parole and a fine of 20,000 euros.

In February 2023, a security camera recorded the 33-year-old furiously throwing the kitten onto the street. The video document shows the cat being tortured to death at the hands of the young man.

The young man enters the portico of an apartment building, and for a few seconds, the sounds of the cat's screams are heard. The police were notified by locals, and the man was arrested.

After a search of his house, five more dead cats were found. At first, he claimed it was not him in the video, but then he said it was him, but "nothing happened, I was just talking to the cat."

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