Greek Mafia: Arrests for the Skaftouros and Roubetis murders

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Greek Police made arrests on Wednesday night. For the murders of Yiannis Skaftouros and Giorgos Roubetis, as well as for an attempted murder in Pieria.

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The Greek Police made arrests for the murders of G. Skaftouros and V. Roubetis.

The arrested are expatriates from countries of the former Soviet Union. According to " Kathimerini " information, these cases are allegedly linked to cigarette smuggling.

So far, two arrests have been made, although the number of identified perpetrators is greater. Police investigations are ongoing.

The same perpetrators are behind the murders of Skaftouros and Rubetis, while their involvement in the recent execution of Vangelis Zampounis is being examined.

Two Shocking Murders in the Underworld

The Brutal Demise of Yannis Skaftouros:

In April 2022, a wave of violence swept through the Greek underworld with the brutal slaying of Yannis Skaftouros. The 55-year-old was gunned down in a hail of 15 bullets, reportedly fired by two masked figures riding motorcycles. The attack unfolded in Skaftouros's own yard, with friends and family nearby, leaving his 22-year-old daughter and 45-year-old brother-in-law injured. Authorities attributed the killing to a contract hit, part of an ongoing turf war within the notorious "Greek Mafia."

Deadly Ambush in Korydallos Claims Two Lives:

Just over a year later, another chilling chapter unfolded in June 2023. Vassilis Roubetis became the target of a brazen assault in Korydallos. The perpetrators, driving a black jeep, ambushed Roubetis and his companion inside a Mercedes. Shots rang out, claiming the first victim's life instantly. The second victim, seeking refuge in a nearby Smart car, attempted to flee but was pursued and executed in the basement of an apartment building. This ruthless double homicide left a trail of shock and unanswered questions in its wake.

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