Wellington's Hidden Gem: A Taste of Greece in New Zealand

Greek New Zealanders

Nestled amidst the vibrant harbour and verdant hills of New Zealand, Wellington pulsates with an unexpected yet delightful touch of Greece. This charming city boasts a thriving community of Greek New Zealanders who have woven their rich cultural tapestry into the very fabric of the city. And for visitors and locals alike, this translates into a treasure trove of authentic Hellenic experiences waiting to be savoured.

Wellington Greeks

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A Taste of Greece

Bakery and Cafe →  
A Taste of Greece: A haven of Greek traditional delicacies, culture and tastes. This is the only Greek bakery in Wellington, with food so divine you will be coming back for more. Famous for their delicious Spanakopita, Prasopita, Galaktobouriko, Moussaka, Loukoumathes, coffee, and so much more!
F: facebook.com/A-Taste-of-Greece-669170763149075/
T: +64 21 901 006

Souvlaki NZ
Souvlaki at Acropolis
NZ Greek
Wellington's Hidden Gem: A Taste of Greece in New Zealand 1

Greek Street Food →
Souvlaki at Acropolis: Nowhere else in New Zealand will you find hand-crafted authentic Greek fresh pita bread made on a daily basis. Inside the pita, you can choose from various delicious marinated types of meat, including lamb, pork, chicken and better Souvlaki, and fresh salads topped with creamy, homemade Tzatziki. Not just limited to Gyros, this food place also serves burgers, Halloumi salad, fish & chips, and so much more, perfect for a hungry Greek stomach.
F: facebook.com/souvlakiatacropolis/
P: +64 43 884 222
A: 508A Broadway, Strathmore
Wellington, New Zealand 6022

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The Greek Food Truck
Greek food

The Greek Food Truck: This fab truck travels around the streets of Wellington, providing affordable, high-quality, delicious Greek food. On the menu is a choice of Souvalkia wraps, halloumi burgers, sausages, greek salad, fries and baklava, all very tasty, satisfying that Greek food craving. The Greek food truck has become so popular even with non-Greeks, with two customers hiring the truck (and their mouth-drooling food) to cater for their wedding.
F: facebook.com/TheGreekFoodTruck/
W: thegreekfoodtruck.nz

Restaurants →

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Oikos Hellenic Cuisine

Oikos Hellenic Cuisine: This restaurant creates a feeling of home, a connection between family and the motherland as the chef aims to capture the essence of his own family in Cyprus, Greece and Aotearoa, expressing it through the beautiful food and wine. With customers exclaiming the food is simply unbelievable and their service amazing, this food place has become very popular. As one customer said, their “halloumi, salad, potatoes and chicken souvlakia all taste like the food in Greece.”
W: oikos.co.nz
F: facebook.com/oikoshellenic/
T: +64 22 480 0170
A: 382 Broadway, Miramar, Wellington

chocolate fudge
Zany Zeus

Zany Zeus: This sweet little cafe is tucked away in the unnoticed suburb of Moera but is always bustling with people. They are famous for their cheese, cakes, Halloumi sandwiches, good coffee, milkshakes, and smoothies. They also offer a wide range of mouth-watering ice cream, either yoghurt or ice cream-based, that has customers returning for more.
T: +64 45 897 316
A: 149 Randwick Road, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand

F: Zany Zeus

Greek Produce →

Elysian Foods

Elysian Foods: This shop offers authentic Greek cuisine with its own range of hand-crafted products, including Taramasalata, Tzatziki and marinated olives. Their best-quality food is made from natural New Zealand ingredients in small batches to preserve quality and authenticity. Having been in the market for more than 24 years, Elysian has gained a reputation for outstanding products.
F: facebook.com/elysianfoods/
T: +64 43 886 008
A: 10/131 Park Rd, Miramar, Wellington

Greek Orthodox Churches →

Greek church Wellington

Cathedral of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary
A: 3 Hania St, Mount Victoria, Wellington 6011, New Zealand
P: +64 49 391 236
W: greek.org.nz/church/

Greek Orthodox Church of St Andrew
A:  365 Broadway, Miramar, Wellington, New Zealand
P: +64 43 888 824

School and language →
Greek Orthodox Community of Wellington Greek School
Contact details- call Mrs Katerina Malliaraki on P:  (021 022 32472)

Greeks New Zealand
*GOYANZ event

Social network →
To connect with other Greeks in Wellington, there are many Greek social communities and groups, which include:

GOYANZ - Greek Orthodox Youth Association of New Zealand
P O Box 6257, Te Aro, Wellington
Clubrooms: Berhampore Golf Club Bldg, Adelaide Rd, Berhampore
F: facebook.com/pg/GOYANZ.INC

Cretans Association of New Zealand Inc.
A: PO Box 33-387, Petone


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