Elli Kokkinou releases sample for new zeimbekiko: "Misoteliomeni" (Half-Finished)

Elli Kokkinou

The singer gave an interview and spoke about the release of her new song, "Misoteliomeni" (Half-Finished) a day after releasing a sample on YouTube

Elli Kokkinou spoke on the show "Fay's Time" and at first spoke about the music industry today.

"I can't tell if a song is going to be a hit because times have changed. It's not just about whether a song smells like success. It may smell like success, but it may not happen in the end for other reasons," she said.

The singer then revealed whether she has "fallen to the bottom" for love, as her new song says.

"Of course, I've fallen for love, and I've admitted it again. I've felt half-finished and not just once, but the good thing is that I'm done afterwards, it passes," she explained.

As for her life during this period: "I am very careful, I try to do my best, I am deprived of many things, pleasures, but everything is a matter of priorities."

Elli Kokkinou also talked about her son and how he deals with his mother being famous.

"Now, he doesn't care if fans stop me on the street. He laughs, finding it all too normal. The roles of the singer and mother are difficult to combine. You lose something, you gain something," she noted.

Finally, she added: "I set my goals, but I go day by day. I have to concentrate on the now; I'm having discussions about the next collaboration, I have concerts that I've organised and so on."

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