Blessing the Academic Journey: Agiasmos Service at All Saints Grammar

Blessing the Academic Journey: Agiasmos Service at All Saints Grammar

This Wednesday 31st January 2024 marked the first day back at school for All Saints Grammar in Belmore, with the 2024 academic school year officially commencing with an Agiasmos Service held at the Greek Orthodox Parish and Community of Belmore and District "All Saints" Church.

The service was officiated by His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis representing His Eminence Archbishop Makarios, together with parish priests, Father Christos Triandafyllou and Father Dimitrios Papaikonomou. His Grace read a message from His Eminence Archbishop Makarios and conveyed His paternal love and blessings to the staff and students.

The Agiasmos Service is a longstanding tradition at the school and serves as a way to bless the beginning of every new academic year.

Head of School Mrs Lillis, expressed her welcome to the parents joining the All Saints Grammar community. “As we embark on a fresh journey into the New Year, let's celebrate the spirit of new beginnings and endless possibilities. Together, we can provide our students with the best opportunities to learn and grow into wonderful individuals.” she said.

In attendance was the Consul General of Greece in Sydney, Yannis Mallikourtis who emphasised the importance of learning and preserving our Greek language, highlighting its role as a cherished link to our cultural heritage and a bridge connecting generations.
Sophie Cotsis MP, Member for Canterbury, the President of the All Saints Parish, Mr Ulysses Ntoumbos, who on behalf of the Board of Directors reaffirmed its dedication to the wellbeing and success of students “focusing on the students educational and spiritual growth is at the core of our mission. We are devoted to providing the support and resources essential for their educational journey” Mr Ntoumbos said.

Students and families were very excited to begin the next chapter in their education. For some, this is the first step in their educational journey as they start Kindergarten.  The Agiasmos service is one example of the way in which our school promotes the values of the Greek Orthodox Faith.

Since its founding in 1990, All Saints Grammar has been dedicated to supporting families in instilling Hellenic values and the Orthodox Christian faith in the next generation.

The school's annual Greek calendar is brimming with events that engage students in religious, cultural, and historical experiences. These occasions include Τριώδιο-Απόκριες (season preceding Lent), Καθαρά Δευτέρα (Clean Monday), Ευαγγελισμός της Θεοτόκου (Annunciation of the Theotokos), coinciding with Greek Independence Day (25th March), Πάσχα (Greek Easter), Η Μάχη της Κρήτης (Battle of Crete), All Saints Day, Η Κοίμησις της Θεοτόκου (Dormition of the Theotokos), and OXI Day (28th October).

Students at ASG learn about these events through lessons in Modern Greek and Orthodoxy. Modern Greek, taught up to Year 8, equips students with robust language skills and a profound understanding of Hellenic culture. The lessons aim to nurture religious and cultural awareness through hands-on experiences, fostering a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of faith, language, and culture.

All Saints Grammar remains steadfast in its dedication to preparing each student for a global future, nurturing their growth with a 'Wellbeing for Learning' approach. The school ensures that learners are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the world. Committed to aiding families in preserving and passing on their heritage, All Saints Grammar provides a solid foundation in Hellenic culture and the Orthodox Christian faith.

We wish the parents, staff and students of the All Saints Grammar community, the best of success for the 2024 academic year.

To learn more visit the All Saints Grammar website.

Blessing the Academic Journey: Agiasmos Service at All Saints Grammar
Blessing the Academic Journey: Agiasmos Service at All Saints Grammar 3

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