Hellenic Cancer Society: How to reduce the gap in cancer care


On World Cancer Day, a series of events will take place on Saturday in the Technopolis of the municipality of Athens

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, which is celebrated on February 4, the Hellenic Cancer Society (H.A.E.) is organising an event on Saturday, February 3, 2024, from 12:00-2:00 p.m. at Gas Station 1 - "Miltiadis Evert" Amphitheater in the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens.

Its main goal is to raise awareness about the risk of cancer and reduce inequalities for all people, regardless of who they are and where they live.

Closing the gap in oncology patient care and the importance of prevention and early diagnosis will be the focus of the talk.

The work of H.A.E. will be presented, as well as the presence of 20 years of Mobile Mammography Units through which every year, thousands of women are examined from end to end throughout the country with the aim of early diagnosis of Breast cancer.

At the same time, reference will be made to the creation of the Day Centre for Children, Adolescents and Young Adults with Neoplastic Diseases, from which psychological support is provided to oncology patients.

During the event, there will be a pie cutting by the president of H.A.E., Mr. Evangelos Filopoulos.

The event will contain speeches by distinguished scientists, a photo exhibition by the members of the K.H.I.P.E.N laboratory and musical accompaniment by the Mixed Polyphonic Choir of the Municipality of Nea Ionia.

As the Hellenic Cancer Society states in its announcement, "It has been fighting continuously for the last 66 years and declares its determination to continue fighting in order to reduce inequalities in the care of cancer patients at all stages of the disease, in all regions of the country and for everyone our fellow citizens regardless of their socio-economic status. For this reason, it highlights the effectiveness of prevention and early diagnosis as well as the importance of a healthy lifestyle."

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