CRETE: 15-year-old was shockingly prostituted by Pakistani man - The fathers suicide, mothers despair and 12 alleged rapists

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How the horror experienced by the minor was revealed - A mystery with the suicide of the 15-year-old's father

New facts are coming to light regarding the rape case of the 15-year-old girl from Mylopotamos in Crete, who was prostituted by a 38-year-old Pakistani.

In a case file that was formed and referred to the prosecutor, a total of 12 defendants are charged with rape and indecent acts. Among the names is that of the 38-year-old from Pakistan, who is considered to be the person who made the 15-year-old to perform sexual acts with other men mentioned in the case file (10 Greeks and one Moldovan).

The sexual abuse of the minor girl in the area of ​​Mylopotamos Rethymno was reported by a citizen to the Telephone Centre for Abuse and Exploitation of the "The Smile of the Child" organisation.

The anonymous phone call that spoke of continuous sexual exploitation and abuse of a minor was made in the summer of 2023, and "The Child's Smile" immediately informed the competent authorities of Rethymnon.

Her father's suicide

Last Thursday, while the authorities' investigations into the sexual exploitation of the 15-year-old were ongoing, another incident from her family concerned the authorities. The disappearance of her father, for which a missing alert had even been issued. The 50-year-old man was found dead in his vehicle by his relatives after three days of investigations.

In fact, according to what Kostas Yiannopoulos reported on CRETA Television, the father of the minor was found dead, having taken his own life with a gas bottle in his car, a few days after his disappearance was reported to the competent authorities. In fact, her father had left a note.

"There should be no speculation that he committed suicide for these reasons," clarified Mr. Yiannopoulos.

The anonymous complaint of a woman was the one that started to unravel the case, according to Mr Yiannopoulos, and The Child's Smile immediately informed the police authorities, who began to investigate the case.

The father allegedly knew about the investigation, as on January 22 the house where he lived with his daughter had been searched. The police do not know if the suicide is related to this case or not, but they are investigating every possibility.

The Pakistani

After months of investigations, police officers in Rethymno managed to locate and arrest a 38-year-old man from Pakistan. Authorities conducted a house and body search and seized two cell phones.

According to Proto Thema, a child psychiatrist also examined the 15-year-old, and it was established that she had been raped by the 38-year-old and that she had committed sexual acts with 11 other men.

The police ordered a forensic examination of the 15-year-old. A case file was submitted against the 12 perpetrators, which was submitted to the District Prosecutor of Rethymno and then referred to the Investigator of Rethymno for the main investigation.

The 38-year-old Pakistani man was arrested and testified, but he did not convince judicial officials. He allegedly claimed that in the contact he had with the 15-year-old, she consented to the sex. However, it is worth noting that the law does not under any circumstances accept the consent of a minor, so all sexual acts with a minor are illegal and therefore prosecuted.

"My girl is ashamed" - The girl's mother is shocked

"Mum, what you heard is true," the 15-year-old from Rethymno reportedly said to her mother after revealing the nightmare she was living as it emerged from the police investigation.

"'Mum, whatever you heard, that's it,' she told me. She doesn't want to talk to me. She doesn't want to tell me much. My boyfriend is embarrassed," the mother said.

"We will fight it, don't worry, I'm by your side. I am your mother," said the girl's mother, speaking to Star.

What one of the defendants says

For six months, the police investigated the case under extreme secrecy. The investigation resulted in the involvement of a total of 12 people.

One of them spoke to the Star. This is a 19-year-old man who claims they dated for a short time and that there was never any payment.

“I met her last year. She told me that she was in her first year of high school and even told me that she had stayed in the same class for two years. I estimated it to be about 15 years old. We dated for a while, but there was never any payment. I knew her father but didn't know she was his daughter. At one point, we lost contact; when I sent her a message, her relative told me not to bother her again," he said.

The announcement from "The Smile of the Child."

The Child's Smile, following the incident with the continuous sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl in Rethymnon, Crete, informs about the history of the case:

"In the summer of 2023, we were admitted to the 'National Line for the Children SOS 1056', an anonymous report by sensitised citizens about the continuous sexual exploitation and abuse of a minor from the wider mountainous area in the hinterland of Rethymnon, where adult men, both foreigners and citizens, are allegedly involved.

"As in any similar incident, we immediately informed the competent Authorities and addressed the Rethymnon Security Sub-Directorate.

"The ;National Children's Hotline SOS 1056' caller was connected by phone with officials from the Rethymnon Security Sub-Directorate, as the caller wished to remain anonymous.

"After this information and connection, in the context of trust and good cooperation with the Organisation, the Rethymnon Security Sub-Directorate immediately initiated all the necessary procedures to locate the 15-year-old. Following a prosecutor's order, her living conditions were discreetly investigated.

"The mobilisation of the Security Sub-Directorate of Rethymno for the said case of the minor was immediate, as it is a common phenomenon in cases of anonymous reports that all the competent authorities do not initiate the prescribed procedures, that the reports are archived and their validity is not investigated, with result in dangerous people being able to act at the expense of children, undisturbed."

It's time for child sexual abuse not to "Stay Secret"!

It needs to be reported, and people should start talking because, in any case, there are obvious alarming signs – whether in a child's body, mood or general behaviour, that portend that they are in danger, but they end up “staying in the end . .secret".

Help a child to be saved in time from the harmful effects of any form of abuse by contacting yourself or by urging the child to contact directly the experienced scientific staff of the Organisation "The Child's Smile", free of charge and anonymously:

The National Telephone Line for Children SOS 1056 is staffed exclusively by specialised social workers and psychologists and is available nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Through the CHAT 1056 App, a new way of instant communication is available to every child who is being abused so that they feel more secure chatting through written text.
Make your report online at CyberTipline Hellas, which is operated exclusively by "The Child's Smile" in Greece. HERE

It is important to mention that in 2023, The Child's Smile:

- Received abuse reports for 2,362 children / six children per day
- Out of the 2,362 children, 970 children were involved in physical abuse, and only 92 children were involved in sexual abuse.
-Received 82 calls a day for children who were in immediate danger due to abuse
-Supported 808 children involved in trafficking incidents

Once again, "The Child's Smile" informs that the Prosecutor and Police Authorities are responsible for every incident of child abuse to investigate each case.

Every child has an absolute right to be safe and protected. There are no secrets that make us uncomfortable and put us at risk.

If you recognise that you have been sexually abused or harassed, even if you have doubts about what happened, now is the time to speak up. Remember that you are not alone.

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