University of Cyprus Receives Archive of Renowned Cypriot Painter Adamantios Diamantis


The University of Cyprus has recently acquired the archive of renowned Cypriot painter Adamantios Diamantis. This valuable collection covers the period from 1920 to 1994 and contains a wealth of personal correspondence. Diamantis's letters offer insight into his creative process and reveal interactions with prominent figures in the arts and literature, including Giorgos Seferis, Telemachos Kanthos, and Porphyrios Dikaios.

On January 31, 2024, representatives from the Diamantis family, including Mark Frederick Diamantis, and university officials, including the Rector of the University of Cyprus, Tassos Christofidis, gathered for the signing of the agreement for the donation. This event solidified the family's decision to entrust the archive to the university, acknowledging the institution's commitment to preserving and promoting cultural heritage.

The archive will be housed in the Information Center - "Stelios Ioannou" Library at the University of Cyprus. To ensure widespread access, the university plans to digitize the collection and make it available through its digital infrastructure, the "LIKYTHOS" Library. This digitization effort will open up new possibilities for academic research and facilitate a deeper understanding of Diamantis's life and art.

The University of Cyprus expressed its gratitude to the Diamantis family for their generous donation. Such acts of philanthropy play a crucial role in safeguarding and advancing cultural heritage, making it accessible to scholars, students, and the wider public. The acquisition of Diamantis's archive represents a significant addition to the university's cultural resources and enriches its academic and research activities.

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