ATHENS: New student rally at Syntagma Square on February 15

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On Saturday night, thousands of students protested in Athens.

The reactions to the bill for the establishment of non-state universities continue.

According to the Minister of Education, the exams in 80% of the student-occupied university departments are conducted digitally, while the rest will be postponed for the next semester so that the year is not lost.

On Thursday, February 15, a new all-education rally will take place while the bill is under consultation.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, thousands of students participated in a protest in Athens. In particular, the student associations demand that the Education bill not be submitted for a vote.

At the same time, they are calling for support in the mobilisations of students and labour unions.

Among other things, they oppose the "unequal way" of admission to the universities, the prosecutor's investigation against the squatting of the student unions in the Universities, and the invasion of riot police in the Faculty of Law of the University of Athens and the subsequent arrests of their fellow students.

Through their joint announcement, they consider that the examination is being used as a tool, in order to end their fight, while they perceive the imminent expulsion of students as a 'threat'.

"A modern, exclusively public and truly free university with sufficient state funding, degrees with value to work with rights in the subject we study", is the slogan of their demands.

As for their actions against the bill, they announce in every city: protests, information campaign in schools, workplaces, neighbourhoods, blocking roads, new demonstrations and mobilisations.

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