Coldplay concerts in Athens WILL be held at OAKA!


Via Facebook, Mitsotakis announced that the work progress at the OAKA will allow it to reopen from the end of March or the middle of April at the latest.

The Coldplay concerts in Athens planned for June 8 and 9 at OAKA were essentially announced by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Sunday through a social media post.

As the work on the Olympic complex progresses, the prime minister made the following report, not even hiding that he is also a fan of the British band:

"I will close today's review with the latest from the progress of the work at OAKA. Approximately 6% of the total 5,000 pieces of polycarbonate from Calatrava Housing have been removed. About 80 pieces are removed every day, which will be recycled. The removal of polycarbonate at these rates will allow the Stadium to reopen from the end of March or from mid-April at the latest. Thus, sports and cultural events will be able to be held normally before or immediately after Easter, including the Coldplay concert, which I must admit I'm looking forward too! And everything's not lost... When you thought that it was over, to remind you of one of their songs. Happy Sunday and thank you for your time!".

See the whole post:

Watch video of the works:

Rust was found along the iconic arched roof of OAKA last week forcing authorities to close the stadium which hosted the 2004 Olympic Games.

The 70,000-seat Olympic Stadium, Greece’s largest, and nearby Olympic Velodrome are covered by white-ribbed steel roofs designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.

The two Greek sports facilities were shuttered late Friday after failing a safety inspection launched in April and overseen by a public asset agency. The velodrome was evacuated while hosting a national bridge tournament, attended by several hundred people.

It was the latest headache for Greek authorities in managing costly Olympic venues around the capital, many remaining underused or mothballed.

Coldplay are planning a massive show with very specific technical requirements, which is one of the reasons why the 122,000 tickets for their two performances sold out as fast as they did. It is worth noting also that a third of those tickets were sold to people abroad.

Ticket sales for the concert in Greece and the whole tour began in July last year. Since the Music Of The Spheres World Tour kicked off in March 2022, Coldplay has achieved remarkable success, selling over 7.5 million tickets. This outstanding feat makes it the highest-grossing tour in the last two years, captivating audiences.

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