Greek Delegation Gears Up for Marina Satti's Performance

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Less than three months remain until the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, and the preparations of the Greek delegation are in full swing. As previously mentioned, the song that Marina Satti will perform in Malmö is ready and is expected to be released early next month. In fact, the filming of the video clip is scheduled to take place this week.

A few hours ago, Marina Satti, through an Instagram story, invited her followers to participate in her next video clip, the shooting for which will take place next Tuesday.

Specifically, the singer mentioned that she is mainly looking for people who have a special talent, citing dancing, acrobatics, and magic tricks as examples. However, this is not a limitation; anyone can apply.

Through this story, the director of the video clip was also revealed. The role is taken by the acclaimed Will Noyse, who has collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as SZA, while his films have been featured on major platforms such as HBO. Those interested are invited to apply by sending a selfie to the director’s Instagram account (@willnoyse).

Marina Satti
Greek Delegation Gears Up for Marina Satti's Performance 1

Although there was no explicit mention of the contest, it is evident that the filming is for the Eurovision music video, given that there is less than a month left until the deadline for submissions to the EBU.

As previously reported, Marina Satti’s song will have a strong Greek element and sound, with the zurna being the predominant instrument.

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